Childcare Townsville: the benefits of educational toys

Children learn best when they are having fun. There is also a great deal of research about their which points that learning through play is important for a child’s cognitive development. It is essential that parents allow their children to have essential time to play. When a child has ample time to explore their various abilities through structured play it has a positive impact on the development.

Using educational toys is one way in which children can learn a number of skills. With the help of these toys parents can allow their children to develop problem solving skills and also teach them about the usual social niceties with the help of role playing. They can make use of Puppets whether constructed from simple things at home or the ones which are available in the market. Children love to see Puppets interacting with one another. It not only keep them entertained but is also a good way of allowing them to learn about the different things and teaching them the proper way of reacting to things and situations.

Toys for infants

Children as young as one month old can understand sensory play. Anything which simulates the sensors can help them develop hand eye coordination and also allows them to interact with the family. When infant is a little older they may want to experiment with different toys. Below is a list from the experts at childcare Townsville for toys which you can use to develop your child’s sensory perception.

  • Musical mobiles
  • Soothers and pacifiers
  • Portable toys which have lights and sounds
  • Sensory mats

As children grow older especially after they are a year old, they start becoming mobile. This is the time when they want to explore the surroundings and satisfy the curiosity. As soon as a child Learns To Walk you can help incorporate learning numbers by helping them count the number of steps which they are taking. Although they might not be able to see a great deal at this age but all of this is going into their memory and they would be able to recall it at the right time.

Now is also a good time to introduce them educational toys. You can get your hands on themed play sets. It is a great way of reinforcing the names of colors and shapes and also allowing children to develop their recognition skills.

Structured play at child care Townsville

At Fairfield Waters Early Learning, there are many opportunities for structured play. With the help of such activities children can develop the ability to improve their motor skills and coordination skills. It is one of the easiest and most advantageous ways for allowing children to learn about the different aspects of life and at the same time have fun doing so. When they learn a new skill it doesn’t have to be boring for them. The game which requires children to move their arms and legs helps exercise the muscles and introduce them to an active lifestyle. Children tend to be healthier with better cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal development. Make sure you talk to the caregiver if there is something which you would like to be avoided during structured play.