Children and teens: tips for taking care of teeth

Preserving healthy and clean teeth is important and can be learned from an early age. Taking good children’s habits helps keep them even as adults.

  • It is an operation to be done calmly, brushing all surfaces well, even the most difficult ones.
  • Begin cleaning from the upper arch, brushing the inner surfaces of the teeth starting from the last tooth on the right side until you reach the opposite side.
  • Then move on to the outside of the teeth.
  • Finally, brush the chewing surfaces.
  • Perform the same procedure for the lower teeth, without forgetting the tongue cleaning.
  • The toothbrush movement must start from the gum and reach the tooth.
  • To brush your teeth, use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste.
  • The toothbrush must always be clean and with straight bristles.
  • Once a day it is advisable to use dental floss.
  • It is important to respect a varied diet and to take regular meals, solid foods make the teeth and the muscles of the face a real healthy gym.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and sugary foods outside the main meals: they are harmful to the teeth and to the line.
  • Make regular checks at the dentist.

First of all it is necessary to keep calm and reassure the child in order to obtain the collaboration as much as possible. Then proceed to wash the area affected by the trauma using water-soaked gauzes. Then check for bleeding by applying slight pressure on the affected area with gauze or wet handkerchiefs and apply an ice bag on the face.

  • If the teeth are deciduous or from milk
  • it is likely that after a few days it will return to its normal position. If the tooth has moved out or in, you can try to reposition it gently in its seat. If the tooth has fallen, there is nothing to do, the permanent tooth will come to replace it.
  • If the dentition is permanent
  • Make a rinse with mouthwash or warm water. look for the fragment (if possible) and store it in some milk or saliva or saline. If the whole tooth has fallen and you are able to take it, it is important not to clean it and put it under water, but keeping it on the crown side, keep it in a little milk or saliva or saline solution.

In both cases it is advisable to contact as soon as possible and go within two hours of the trauma to a dental clinic.